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Megain actively conducts fire drills to improve emergency response capabilities of all staff

Date:2021-06-21 Views:1122

   In order to improve the fire awareness and response ability of the company's employees, Megain has placed smoke-emitting devices throughout the company, and The alarm bell sounded suddenly; the employees' ability to respond to emergencies at work was exercised. And use fire extinguishing in the parking lot in turn, further enhance the safety awareness of fire prevention and self-rescue of all staff, and grasp the danger The correct methods of rapid escape, self-rescue, and emergency response can eliminate various safety hazards in the bud, and prevent problems before they occur.

Sudden simulated fire at work by employee

The safety passage is unblocked to ensure that the safety passage is blocked in the event of an accident

Mejiayin staff quickly evacuated to the parking lot

MEGAYIN professionals are teaching employees about fire extinguishers

Employees use fire extinguishers in person

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