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Megain won the honorary certificate of "high-tech enterprise"

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Release time: 2018-07-13

In the selection of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, Zhuhai Megain Technology Co., Ltd. The company has obtained the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" jointly issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, the Guangdong Provincial State Taxation Bureau, and the Guangdong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau. The company relies on "providing customers with high-quality products and services at competitive prices" The business philosophy has been unanimously recognized by the industry and customers. This honor is a recognition of Megain's rapid development and high-quality products, and will also inspire Megain's team to continue to innovate and develop.

"High-tech Enterprise"

"High-tech Enterprise" is a high-standard enterprise award in Guangdong Province. Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of award-winning enterprises, which have a high reputation. The award is mainly to promote the development of high-tech in the direction of industrialization, commercialization and internationalization, and to make contributions to the overall improvement of Guangdong Province's scientific and technological progress and overall economic quality and comprehensive competitiveness.


MEGAYIN has always followed" Integrity and Efficiency,User First Service Purpose,The award of the high-tech enterprise certificate this time is the glorious glory of Megain, and it also puts forward more suggestions for the future development of the company. High-level requirements It also provides a fundamental guarantee for the company to increase technological innovation and develop new high-tech products in the future.

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