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Zhuhai Children's Welfare Institute Charity Tour

Date:2021-12-20 Views:1125

December 13, 9:00 am, Zhuhai Megain Technology Co., Ltd. cares about social welfare and promotes Chinese virtues. In the early morning, I took the donated materials and went to the Zhuhai Children's Welfare Institute. On the occasion of New Year's Day, I sent the children a special winter warmth.


Every small act of kindness can change a person In this public welfare activity, Meijiayin is committed to making more orphanage children feel the care and warmth of society.

According to the previous communication with the Zhuhai Children's Welfare Institute, due to the epidemic situation, it is impossible to interact with children. This time, a free donation of mineral water, umbrellas, etc. Series of exquisite small gifts. At the same time, it also sent warmth and love to the children in the orphanage.

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Deeds speak louder than words, and Meijiayin has demonstrated its original intention and determination with practical actions. At the same time, it also appeals to all sectors of society to pay more attention to the growth of children in orphanages.

Next, Megain will further strengthen its relationship with Zhuhai City The exchange and connection between the Children's Welfare Home and the Nursing Home, as always, care and support social welfare undertakings, care for the disadvantaged groups in society, and continue to contribute more and greater strengths in social welfare activities.

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