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School-enterprise integration丨Zhuhai Megain and Beijing Normal University school-enterprise interaction exchange meeting

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      On the morning of May 24, 2022, with the strong support of the Human Resources Center of Xiangzhou District, our company cooperated with the School of Engineering and Technology and the School of Electronic Information of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Branch. A school-enterprise interaction meeting was successfully organized. Zhang Yunlong, Director of Human Resources Center of Xiangzhou District, Yuan Jianfeng, Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Branch, Wen Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Engineering and Technology, and Wang Hua, CEO of the company, attended the school-enterprise interactive exchange meeting.

      This activity took the form of an interactive symposium to have extensive exchanges with teachers and students, and discussed the content of school-enterprise cooperation, technical talent training and employment direction.


     The company organized Beijing Normal University students to visit the company's gym, office area, production workshop, exhibition hall and other areas in an orderly manner. Then enter the conference room to watch the video of the Megain promotional video. And introduced the company's development strategy and business philosophy. Then the company's leadership (CEO Wang Hua) (IOT Deputy Director Cai Yifeng) (R&D Director Yang Chunsheng) put forward their own opinions and views on the corporate culture, the requirements for talents in the required positions, and the professional requirements.




Xiangzhou District Human Resources Center Director Zhang Yunlong and school leaders Yuan Jianfeng, Wendong and Hu Kai also made speeches.


Director Zhang Yunlong expounded the importance of deepening school-enterprise cooperation, and expressed his views on personnel training and development, strengthening scientific research cooperation and other issues.


Dean Yuan Jianfeng said: comprehensively promote school-enterprise integration and resource sharing, from simple The employment cooperation has shifted to the direction of cooperation in the talent training process, to achieve zero distance between professional settings and training goals, and effectively cultivateCultivate skilled talents to meet the needs of industrial upgrading, provide students with more and better career opportunities, give full play to the advantages of college talents and enterprise platforms, and create a win-win situation for schools and enterprises.

Next time, by Zaimei The previous graduates of Beijing Normal University and their juniors and juniors who worked for Jiayin had an interactive exchange on their experience in internship selection, job orientation, etc., and shared the mental journey from the confusion of choosing a career at the beginning to finding a clear development direction. At the same time, they expressed Gratitude to the company and confidence in future development.

In the final question-and-answer session, the students on site actively asked questions about the job requirements of recruitment, the work content of relevant majors, the development platform and planning, and what adjustments need to be made to integrate into the company as soon as possible. The company leaders are patient. Answer, the audience is very active.

In this symposium, the two sides exchanged in-depth intentions in terms of school-enterprise resource integration, diversified school-enterprise cooperation, etc. Reach a consensus and lay a good foundation for realizing resource sharing.

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