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MGH101 Series Unipolar Micropower

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The MGH101 series is a non-polarity Hall switch based on mixed-signal CMOS technology. This IC uses advanced chopper stabilization technology to provide accurate and stable magnetic switching points. The product consists of voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, small signal amplifier, chopper amplifier, Schmitt trigger, CMOS output driver. The chopper amplifier design effectively reduces the offset caused by temperature, process, mechanical stress, etc., and improves the consistency of magnetic field sensitivity.
MGH101 series achievable functions: non-contact switch, position detection, pulse counting, etc. It is very suitable for low power consumption products such as handheld devices, household appliances, consumer devices, smart meters, position detection, non-contact detection, etc.

• Product Description


Product Specifications:Zhuhai Meijiayin~MGH101 Unipolar Micropower Switch Hall Detection Chip Specification V1.0.pdf

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