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MGH201 Series Bipolar Latch Type

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The MGH201 series is a bipolar Hall switch based on mixed-signal CMOS technology. This IC uses advanced chopper stabilization technology to provide accurate and stable magnetic switching points. The product integrates voltage regulators, Hall sensors and dynamic offset cancellation systems, Schmitt triggers, chopper amplifiers and open-drain output drivers or outputs with 8KΩ pull-up resistors. The chopper amplifier design effectively reduces the offset caused by temperature, process, mechanical stress, etc., and improves the consistency of magnetic field sensitivity.
The achievable functions of MGH201 series: non-contact switch, position detection, speed detection, commutation detection, flow detection, etc., relying on its wide operating voltage range and temperature range, are widely used in home appliances, new energy vehicles, industrial control and computers surrounding areas.

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Product Specifications:Zhuhai Meijiayin~MGH201 Bipolar Switch Hall Detection Chip Specifications V1.0.pdf

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