Embedded Software Engineer

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Job Responsibilities:

1, Responsible for chip and printer firmware extraction analysis
2. Responsible for the analysis of encryption and decryption algorithms font-size:16px">3. Responsible for reverse analysis of software code
4. Responsible for developing disassembly IDA plugin
5. Responsible for the writing and debugging of the company's product code
6. Responsible for the writing of related technical documents

Job requirements: (excellent undergraduate and master graduates are also welcome)
1. Bachelor degree or above majoring in electronic information science and technology (electronic information science and technology, microelectronics science and engineering), computer, communication, mechatronics, etc.
2, skilled use of C, assembly Programming language, familiar with common IDE compilation software
3. Proficiency in using IDA for disassembly code analysis
4. Familiar with the working principle and program debugging of MSP430, PIC, CORTEX M0 series microcontrollers
5. Familiar with IIC, SPI, UART and other communication protocols
6, skilled use Oscilloscope, logic analyzer and other test equipment ;font-size:16px">7. Familiar with Linux, VxWorks and other operating system principles

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